Sand & Gravel Overview

Tri City Rock maintains a healthy inventory of filling and specialty sand and gravel in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. Our clients look to us to enhance the appeal of their landscaping and outdoor living areas. Our materials also offer an economical solution to clients experiencing the effects of erosion or shifting sediment.

Small Touches With Major Impact

Imagine how your garden or walkway will look once its perimeter has been enhanced with the perfect combination of sand or gravel. Outline your backyard oasis with bits of crushed rock or bring out the details in your home’s construction with a bold addition like red lava.

Match Your Style

Neutral Tones

For our clients who only want a simple solution to their outdoor design, we suggest earth tone sand and gravel like our Lodi gravel, Blue Path Fines, or Salomon Bay sand.

Go Bold

Try the bold tones and deep crimson found in red lava rock. Create a dramatic perimeter using charcoal black lava rock. Not looking for color? Larger stones are sure to be noticed in your water feature or garden.

Shine Bright

The way the sun’s rays dance off of the iridescent gloss of Yuba Quartz gravel or reflect in Blue Path Fine sand gives a touch of sparkling shine that’s too beautiful to resist.

Custom Combinations

With our extensive selection of sand and gravel, our clients are free to create a custom combination that creates the colors, textures, and depth they envisioned for their home or garden.